Another Stampede Story…

Another AVAC® member's perspective on the recent Leigh High School Longhorn Stampede 5K event. AVAC® was proud to be the primary sponsor, and happy to help support LHS programs. via - Michael R., AVAC® Member "I had an absolute blast doing the Leigh Stampede run. From start to finish it was well put together and... Continue Reading →


FREE for DAD this Father’s Day

If you're like me, you're always looking for Father's Day ideas for the special man in your life, whether it be your dad, your husband, son, or even a special father figure. Instead of spending money on store bought gifts, what better way to honor Dad than by spending solid quality time together. Try one... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Community

via - Danielle Griffith-Jones, AVAC Swim School® Director Most people have a reason to be active and those who don’t, I believe, don’t stay active for very long. I have found in my years of being active (off and on – no one is perfect), a participant of team sport, a person who likes to... Continue Reading →

Get the Whipped Cream Ready!

We're hosting WIMBLEDON at AVAC®! Join us for this cherished Social Mixer at Almaden Valley Athletic Club! Wimbledon at AVAC® is our own tribute to tennis as it was in the past. We will use White Tennis Balls, whitest attire possible, wood racquets (we provide them) strawberries and whipped cream with refreshments - and lots... Continue Reading →

Supporting the Stampede!

AVAC® had a blast supporting the recent Leigh High School Stampede 5K Walk/Run. There were over 420 runners, and a total of $12,000 was raised to benefit High School programs. Hear what one young racer thought of the event: "It’s a fun event especially for beginners like us children and it’s the perfect size.  I like... Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast: AbsoluteFIT, FTW!

It only takes one non-AbsoluteFIT workout to appreciate what you’ve got. via - Lydia M., AVAC's resident AbsoluteFIT blogger 🙂 So, a friend of mine prevailed upon me to go with her to a new workout studio that she had gotten interested in, the location of which is very convenient to her commute. She knows... Continue Reading →

How to Know If You Actually Got a Good Workout

via - Go hard or go home... Train insane or remain the same... If Pinterest was your personal trainer, every workout would be crazy-tough and include extreme sweat and soreness. But that thinking is flawed. Even though challenges are great for you—and could lead to a sweat-soaked shirt and achy muscles—exercise shouldn’t leave you... Continue Reading →

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