Finding Your Community

via – Danielle Griffith-Jones, AVAC Swim School® Director

dgj communityMost people have a reason to be active and those who don’t, I believe, don’t stay active for very long. I have found in my years of being active (off and on – no one is perfect), a participant of team sport, a person who likes to work with people…it all boils down to community.

I played soccer from the time I was 5 years old and felt a strong connection to the sport, I think it was because it was a team sport – therefore a community – this is just something that works for me.  Over the years, I have subconsciously found ways to be a part of other communities, families and teams.


As I ran the Leigh High Stampede 5K on May 29, I felt deeply connected to my community. My teammates were working the event, I was running with my co-workers, and with my 2-year old boy in our stroller. I got to see students/families I have known for years by being a part of their families learn to swim experience. I am fortunate for this community, this family, this team, this village.

I could hear families cheering for me from their driveways and recognized the voices of students I taught 10 years ago – “there is Miss Danielle, go Miss Danielle!!!”  I could hear the Modirzadeh family cheering for me and Wyatt – there is my community, there is my village, my large family.

The Leigh Stampede was just a great example of what a neighborhood can do when we work together. We can provide inspiration, support and insight on what it means to be a community. I am lucky enough to work at AVAC® where we play an everyday role in this amazing community, where we are part of this kinship group.

So I encourage you to find a community; create relationships with people who enjoy things you enjoy, want to be bold, want to support you and might just be cheering for you from their driveway.  That is your community, your family, team or village – we are here waiting for you to join in this crazy roller coaster called life – don’t worry we are going to accept you, this is part of your home.


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