Compare and Contrast: AbsoluteFIT, FTW!

It only takes one non-AbsoluteFIT workout to appreciate what you’ve got.

via – Lydia M., AVAC’s resident AbsoluteFIT blogger 🙂

So, a friend of mine prevailed upon me to go with her to a new workout studio that she had gotten interested in, the location of which is very convenient to her commute. She knows I’m an AbsoluteFIT / AVAC® diehard, but she was too intimidated to go to this thing alone, and in the interest of journalistic integrity I thought it would be good data to collect.

Reader, I went with her for the free trial — and it was … not for me (or for her, as it turned out). It’s a new, buzzy kind of workout, similar in some respects to the way AbsoluteFIT classes are structured, but longer in duration, and with a lot of real-time electronic feedback.


What struck me first was the noticeable lack of the kind of camaraderie that we have in the AbsoluteFIT studio — it was very cold, very impersonal, and no one cheered anyone else on. Even my friend and I got quiet after awhile. Secondly, it felt competitive — not just with yourself, working toward your own personal best (which I think is one of the most inspiring parts of AbsoluteFIT), but with the other participants.  Eeesh. And finally, the longer duration really blew a hole in my day — even without accounting for the longer drive time to and from the place.

So, never mind you, New Kid on the Workout Block: I’m happier than ever with AbsoluteFIT!

See Our Brand New Studio in Action!

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