Once a Week…An Easy Way to Lose Weight!

via - popsugar.com Have you ever tried Meal Planning? It's a GREAT way to control your calories. No more stressing about what to make, no more eating chips and salsa for dinner when you can't decide, and no more throwing together unhealthy meals just because they're easy. Read on for some easy tips to get your week... Continue Reading →


AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – Sore Muscles, Happy Heart: Getting Back Again (Again)

via - Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT Blogger Time off doesn’t mean you can’t come back — and you’ll be so glad you did.  Hey, guess what happens when you’re away from AbsoluteFIT for … well, let’s call it four weeks (because first there was the last week of school, with its parties and playdates and precious... Continue Reading →

AVAC® Member Receives National Honor

AVAC® Member Pirjo Polari- Khan has been selected to be the performer of the year by the Finlandia Foundation National. She will be traveling across the United States making presentations in different cities to the local organizations. The Foundation is located in 24 different States. Although Pirjo is well known for her work as a... Continue Reading →

Wear WHITE This Weekend at AVAC!

Wimbledon at AVAC® A great adventure with wood racquets, white tennis balls, challenging match play, and a history of the game. Featuring strawberries, whipped cream and refreshments - Lots of Fun! Date | Sunday, June 26, 1 - 4 pm Attire | Wear White! Format | Round Robin Fee | $25 Register & Pay | Here

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