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Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: IRL AbsoluteFITness

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I need to know my powers will be used for something in real life …


Time for another installment of True Tales of Real-Life Fitness, brought to you by AbsoluteFIT — because it’s all well and good to work out and get fit, but what can you do with it once you have it? Here are some recent examples:

  1. Tick-tock, it’s Boy-Child o’clock! My four-year-old likes hugs, and sometimes he has to be pried off of the huggee — but it works a lot better if you grab him underneath the armpits and swing him out away from your body, then back and forth, and say “Tick-tock, it’s Munster o’clock!” (NB, Munster is not his real name. Heh.) You need a strong core and shoulder muscles for this one.
  2. Epic Target Prowl, Ending in a SINGLE Trip From Car to House: I hate going back out to the car to get the rest of the crap I bought, so dig if you will the picture of me loading eight reusable shopping bags (filled with stuff like milk & OJ, a new cutting board, a giant Lego kit, etc.) and a case of beer onto myself and schlepping it all to the house at once …
  3. Show of Strength In Front of a 15-year-old: We were unpacking the car at our friends’ house, where we were going to play with our band. Their 15-year-old son volunteered to help, reaching for my husband’s giant pedalboard box, and reacted with the predictable “Whoa, that’s heavy!” … whereupon I took it from him and asked if he’d get a couple of the guitar cases instead. (Good thing he couldn’t see my face as I hauled it away, because he would have been much less impressed … ooof, that took some effort!)

What have you used your AbsoluteFIT gains for, lately?

—Lydia M. 


Author: stephdoty

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One thought on “Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: IRL AbsoluteFITness

  1. Good show, Lydia!

    I’d like to say I use my muscles to haul musical equipment around, but actually I bought a smaller guitar so I wouldn’t have to do same!

    Heh! But it is nice to be fit. It’s good to be able to run upstairs for something real quick, and not get winded.