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This past Saturday May 14th was the Girls on the Run 5K  race at Vasona Park. I had the joyous experience of participating as a coach. This year was the first year of having the Girls on the Run team at my daughter’s school, the Indigo Program. Friends who coach elsewhere had shared such positive feedback, I knew it was a valuable endeavor. I gathered together a group of moms to be coaches, we went through the training, and together we facilitated the program for a group of 23 girls.

IMG_2368Girls on the Run is about so much more than running. Sure, I love being strong and fit and very much wanted to share that passion with the kids. But there were critical life skills woven into the 10 week bi-weekly lessons that I wish I had learned when I was in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Lessons in confidence, positive thinking, body image, kindness, compassion, cooperation and setting then working up to the goal of running this 5K. Some of the girls had never run a mile before, initially 3.1 seemed daunting to them. Now that they have achieved this, they know that they can reach for other goals in their lives.

IMG_2371Watching my girls each complete the 5K, seeing the smiles on their faces, the beads around their necks (each mile = water station + mardi gras beads), and the confidence with which they held themselves made all of the time and effort to create, organize, and coach this team totally worthwhile. Girls on the Run is an amazing organization and I’m so honored to be a part it. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to make a difference in girls lives.

-Mira Albert-Bullis

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