AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks

If I have to shift my dang schedule ONE MORE TIME …

via – Lydia M., AVAC’s AbsoluteFIT blogger


Does the month of May sometimes seem like one colossal conspiracy against you getting your AbsoluteFIT workouts in? Or is that just me?

It’s the end of the school year, with all the events, shows, parties, awards thingies, appreciation thingies (both to give and to receive), plus it’s the beginning of summer schedules for everyone’s activities, plus there are a million birthdays, graduations, yada yada yada … and into all this, for me, was thrown another sick kid (102 fever for four straight days — we were pretty much housebound and miserable all last week).

So … in spite of the fact that I want to work out more than ever (OMG WHY IS IT SO HOT TODAY AND WHERE ARE ALL MY TANK TOPS), I’ve had to miss a few workouts lately. But as I’ve said here, over and over: Just do what you have to do, don’t give up, and get back into the studio as soon as you can. [repeat] [repeat] [repeat]

And remember: It’s always nicely air-conditioned at AVAC®. Heh.

—Lydia M. 

Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast with Texas roots, a New York education, and a Californian heart. She plays bass, reads a lot, watches too much TV, and can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week. Her life goals include having a body like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2, and/or having Bill Murray randomly crash a party she is attending. If you need something from her, try bribing her with good coffee or cold beer; odds are, she wants one or the other of those right now. 

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  1. Yeah!
    But you should be able to find your tank tops easily since you did that Closet Audit in March!

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