What the Heck is a Watermelon Radish?

Watermelon Radishes DO Exist!

Have you tried our Salad Bar at the AVAC® Poolside Cafe’? With multiple lettuce choices (including a ‘super’ green) and a wide range of unique toppings from farro to watermelon radish, you’re sure to please your palate with our wide selection of healthy flavors and textures. Top off the freshness with grilled chicken, tuna or tofu! Our dressings are made from scratch, and all ingredients are prepped daily to ensure freshness and quality.

Finish off your next workout the right way… with a fresh, made-to-order salad at AVAC®!

watermelonradish1 watermelonradish2

Discover more about AVAC’s Poolside Cafe HERE.


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