AbsoluteFIT with Lydia |The Opposite of Pushing It: Downtime

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Every once in awhile, you deviate from your workout routine — either because you have to (you’re sick, you’re on vacation, you broke your right pinkie toe), or because you choose to (your sister is visiting from NYC and you want to do sister stuff like an epic Target prowl or a “closet audit” as laid out by Real Simple magazine, in which you take an entire day to try on everything you own and get rid of at least half of it, and you can’t do that alone so your sister is pressed into action as your second).

So that’s what I’ve been up to these past few days, and it’s been grand — wouldn’t trade it for anything. But the few days I’ve been out of the AbsoluteFIT studio have, as always, made me crave getting back in — you gotta give yourself time to miss a thing every now and then, amirite?

—Lydia M. 

One thought on “AbsoluteFIT with Lydia |The Opposite of Pushing It: Downtime

  1. Yes!
    I love it!
    Great pic btw.

    To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

    “A time to chill, a time to hustle …”

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