33 Surprising Scrumptious Ways to Eat Cauliflower

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You heard it here first: Cauliflower is poised to become the next “it” vegetable. (Deal with it, kale!) Inexpensive, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and widely available (see ya, specialty food stores), this humble, unassuming cruciferous vegetable is showing just how adaptable and delicious it can be.

If you’re picturing a neglected party platter of florets by a cup of ranch dip, stop. From burgers to pizza, frittatas to brownies, cauliflower is the multitasking superfood that throws it down. We’ve collected the best recipes around the web to help you get on the cauliflower party bus so you can say you knew all about this veg before it was cool.


Break out the china. (Or, OK, the non-plastic dinnerware.) This frittata is an elegant way to use cauliflower and bump up the flavor and the fiber of your breakfast. The prep time is a little longer than your standard scrambled eggs due to the caramelized onions, but the delicious, pin-worthy results are so worth it.

What’s a hash without potatoes? Super awesome, that’s what. In this Paleo recipe, cauliflower takes on the staring role. Delicious!

All (cauli)flower, no filler. These badass muffins use finely processed cauliflower instead of all-purpose flour as the base, then mix in mushrooms, eggs, and ham for a handheld meal. Stash a few in the freezer for busy mornings; just nuke and go.

We’ve admitted our love of casseroles and see no need to wait till later in the day to enjoy this deep-dish comfort food. Use a blender (immersion or regular) to puree cauliflower; mix it with sausage (try chicken), your favorite greens, eggs, tomatoes, and coconut milk; season to your heart’s content; and bake! But, to be clear, casseroles should be enjoyed round the clock, and leftovers will be a hit at dinnertime, too.

Sometimes simple is best. Just six ingredients make up this classic cauliflower-packed omelet. The feta sprinkled on top adds the finishing cheesy touch to this easy morning meal.

Toast in the a.m.? Boh-ring! Swap it out for this veggie-packed “bread” made with nutrient-dense and delish cauliflower, spinach, and nuts. Sub in your favorite fresh herbs to give it a hint of flavor. (Try basil or thyme.) Bonus: Use these as a pizza crust shortcut.

Comfort Foods

Forget shots, we’re more likely to chant “Tots! Tots! Tots!” The finger-food fave gets a cauliflower makeover in this baked recipe. And from preheating the oven to dunking in ketchup, it’s just 25 minutes cooking time.

This veggie mac and cheese has all the creaminess and none of the post-pasta coma. It’s simple to put together, easily adaptable in a dozen directions—add more veggies! throw in some bacon!—and it even includes a cashew cream option for vegans. Everyone’s happy.

There are so many levels of deliciousness in this burger we’re not sure where to begin. Red lentils are soaked and transformed, along with cauliflower, into burger patties. Homemade onion rings and roasted red peppers get stacked between the buns. And it all gets drizzled with a chipotle habanero mayo. Make all of it or just the burger—either way, it’s a happy meal.

Most things are better with a little Sriracha and these “cauliwings” are no exception. They’re perfect to nosh on the next time you binge-watch Netflix. Eat as an appetizer or pair with a side salad for a full meal.

This dish is a little labor intense, but when it’s finished, you’ll know it’s a labor of love. Not only are the lasagna noodles made from cauliflower, but the creamy béchamel sauce is, too. Along with Bolognese sauce and Parmesan cheese (optional if you want to make it Paleo), it’s a veg-focused take on a comfort food fave.

Cauliflower crust has taken over the Internets. But is it delicious? The proof is in the pizza. In this single-serving version, cauliflower gets cooked in the microwave, mixed with seasonings and cheese (yup there is cheese in the crust!), then baked. Top with sauce and more cheese, broil till melty, and you’ve got a healthy, veg-packed version of the delivery fave.

A great dish for a cold evening when you want to get cozy, this lightened-up version of baked potato soup turns grated cauliflower into a thick, stick-to-your-ribs broth that’s sprinkled with bacon, and parsley. You’ll never reach for the canned stuff again.

If you’re used to frozen, plastic-baggie veggie burgers, these cauliflower fritters will rock your buns off. Panko-crusted cauliflower “steaks” are topped with provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, and an “optional” spicy hummus mayo (mandatory in our book!). Choose a quality bun to take this burger over the edge.

Add these to your Monday Night Football menu because they are about to become your go-to party platter. They’ve got the spicy buffalo chicken flavor without the muss, fuss, or calories. Go Team Cauliflower!

International Eats

Step away from Seamless. We’ve got a 30-minute wrap that’ll top any takeout. Roasted cauliflower replaces chicken in these pad Thai-inspired wraps. Pair with onions and peppers (or your veggies of choice) and bake while you whisk together a speedy peanut butter-and-Sriracha-based dressing. Load up lettuce leaves with veggies, dressing, and a sprinkle of peanuts. Lunch is served!

Say adiós to soggy tacos. These vegan tacos take three delicious components—crunchy cauliflower, zestyslaw, and creamy avocado—and meld them together for a Mexican-inspired meal even meat lovers will embrace.

This recipe will have your taste buds singing “La Bamba.” There’s lime! Cilantro! Garlic! Avocado! And it all gets mixed in with cauliflower and baked. Eat it straight up, or toss it into a tortilla for the ultimate Taco Tuesday.

If you’re the type who skips salad, listen to this: Cauliflower seasoned to curry perfection. A sweet burst from golden raisins. Yeah, we thought that would hold your attention. It’s a smart vegetarian pick for potlucks or picnics, too.

The all-American burger goes Bollywood. These patties come together in a snap: Sauté onion, garlic, and cauliflower. Add them to the food processor with the remaining ingredients, including garam masala and turmeric, which give these burgers a burst of Indian flavor. Form into patties and brown. Boom. That’s the sound of your lunch jet-setting across continents.

Here’s a super delicious revamp of typical Chinese takeout. (BYO fortune cookie.) Bread cauliflower (hint: if you don’t keep gluten-free, regular flour will do) and fry in a skillet. While the cauliflower cools, mix up your orange sauce with pantry ingredients and fresh orange juice. Dinner is served! (Without tipping a delivery guy.)

Southern Italy has a well-established food rep, and this salad, primed to serve as a main dish, shows why it’s 100 percent justified. Capers and olives give a salty kick that pairs perfectly with a splash of lemon juice and starchy cauliflower. Use fresh garlic and parsley to kick the flavors up another notch.

This Thai-inspired side dish is really the star attraction. Cauliflower gets “riced” in the food processor and then cooked with toasted coconut, almonds, coconut milk, and fragrant spices. If you can admit this is all you want for dinner, add some protein, like chicken or tofu, to make it a full meal.

These brilliant, Paleo, and gluten-free tortillas have just four ingredients. Use them to make tacos, quesadillas, and breakfast burritos. Or just eat them plain, heated on the stovetop with a little salt, a dot of butter, and a squirt of lime, as nature intended.

Cauliflower Classics

Au gratin seems positively retro these days, which means it’s ripe for a comeback. And this recipe could lead the campaign: Roasted cauliflower is covered in a cheesy roux and topped with crispy pancetta and chives. It’s a comforting, grandmotherly dish that looks like it took hours to make, but we’ll keep mum on how easy it was.

You will want to put this sauce on everything. Good thing it comes together in a snap: Boil cauliflower, puree and season it, and then devour. Our suggestions? Put it on veggies, use it as a pizza sauce, or sub it in for Alfredo. Think of it as a really delicious life hack.

Even meat-and-potato peeps who shun veggies will fall for this recipe. All the usual mashed potato suspects—like oil, garlic, and salt—are present, but the cauliflower subtracts calories and adds vitamins C and K. Try it alongside a favorite steak or chicken dish for the perfect stealthy swap.

How could we do a master list of cauliflower recipes without including this classic? Cauliflower and Parmesan were simply meant to go together. It’s an elegant side to any main course.

Chock-full of superfoods like kale and cranberries, this salad requires zero cooking and only five minutes of prep. When you’re craving something fresh and fast, this will become your new go-to.

Use this recipe as delicious motivation to clean out andorganize your fridge. It’s just as easy as regular stir-fry but minus the carb-overload. Toss in whatever veggies or protein you’d like with the cauliflower base and inhale.

Desserts (Yes, Really!)

If you guessed that the crazy ingredient was cauliflower, you’d be right. It gives this cake a tasty and—dare we say—moist texture. Better yet, it doesn’t contain crazy boxed-cake-mix ingredients, just a little faith in cauliflower.

Cauliflower for dessert? Call us crazy, but you’d never know they’re the secret ingredient in these fudgy, chocolate-y brownies. The cinnamon and almond milkin the batter provide even more nutritional bonuses to your treat time.

Hold the phone. Chocolate and pizza together? With a cocoa crust and fruit and chocolate topping, this dessert pizza is an idea whose time has come.


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