AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: How to Halt a Backslide, the AbsoluteFIT Way

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A surprise on the scale stops a slide in the wrong direction.

So in January, I went for my annual checkup at the doctor’s office, and — despite the fact that, after two months of holiday eating/drinking/workout neglect, I was down to one pair of jeans I felt comfortable in, so I should well have known what was coming — I was absolutely shocked at the number on the scale at my weigh-in: 149.5.

I’m not gonna lie: That felt awful. And none of my clothes fit anymore.

But here’s the difference AbsoluteFIT has made in my life: Unlike previous times I’ve seen a higher number on the scale than I’d like, I did not freak out. I did not beat myself up. I did not go on some insane juice cleanse. I just … examined my eating habits, saw where I’d let things slide, and started making better decisions that very day.


I stopped putting sugar in my coffee (when you use tablespoons, plural, yeah, it makes a difference); I quit Five Guys Fridays; I ate real lunches that kept me full and stopped my late-afternoon snack-prowling; I re-committed to four workouts a week, plus in general a lot more walking and standing instead of sitting. Small, sustainable changes, just like my coaches advise.

Today’s weigh-in: 142.

Imma call that a victory for the AbsoluteFIT lifestyle!

—Lydia M. 


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