AbsoluteFIT Goals and Inspirado: Shoulders Edition

via – Lydia M., AVAC’s AbsoluteFIT Blogger!

Fitness goals keep you from getting bored — and although I don’t currently need to fight zombies, I’d sure like to be ready if I must!

A person’s got to have a goal, and on that topic, I’ve been thinking about shoulders lately — mine, yours, the Olympic swim team’s, Gillian Anderson’s:

This early spring weather, after months of (delightful) cold and rain, has me sorting through last summer’s tank tops and making plans — obviously there are limits to what any individual can do, because a lot depends on genetics and also not eating seventy-five Tagalongs every night with your beer, but … my goal is now: I would like to have the most toned shoulders I can have. My trainers in AbsoluteFIT can help get me there (and if they read this, guess what? everyone else is getting some shoulder focus, too! hahahaaaa!).


I’m going to take inspiration from everywhere, including from my fellow AbsoluteFIT folk — there are some shoulders up in the studio, for real! So, how about you? What’s your fitness goal for the next little bit?

—Lydia M.



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