AbsoluteFIT with Lydia |The Opposite of Pushing It: Downtime

via - Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT  Every once in awhile, you deviate from your workout routine — either because you have to (you’re sick, you’re on vacation, you broke your right pinkie toe), or because you choose to (your sister is visiting from NYC and you want to do sister stuff like an epic Target prowl... Continue Reading →


The Muscles I Discovered When I Started Practicing Pilates

via - FitnessMagazine | by - Alyssa Sparacino When I picked up Pilates again after a long hiatus, I found I had been neglecting some hard-to-reach muscles that deserved my attention. As a health and fitness editor and certified personal trainer, it's fair to say I'm pretty attuned to my body. For example, the piriformis on my right... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why Good Sleep is Important

Want to learn some useful tools to help yourself sleep better? Join us on Tuesday, April 5 at AVAC® for our FREE "Sleep Wellness Workshop" with special guests "Wellness Champions." Discover how to register here. Here are 10 Reasons Why Good Sleep is Important... via - authority nutrition A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for... Continue Reading →

3 Ways Beans Can Help You Slim Down

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit! via - popsugar.com Beans may be known mostly for their unpleasant odiferous side effect when eaten, but beans are actually nutritious little gems. If you follow these tips, you can eat beans without the bloat, which means you can reap these weight-loss benefits. Here are three reasons to plate-up with... Continue Reading →

AbsoluteFIT with Lydia: Pushing It

via - Lydia M, AbsoluteFIT participant, AVAC® "Learning to push beyond your comfort zone is an ongoing lesson, not a one-time thing." So after Marcy almost killed us again in Core Cardio yesterday morning (it’s what we show up for, and she likes it a lot), I was maaaaaybe thinking of taking it a little eeensy... Continue Reading →

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