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Tales of Real-Life AbsoluteFITness: Winter Break Edition


via – Lydia M., AVAC® AbsoluteFIT Blogger

“AbsoluteFIT ain’t just for life inside the gym.”

skiingI didn’t write last week because I was in the beautiful snowy Lake Tahoe area, on a quick little mini-vacation with the family. And I will tell you this: I was, and am, so glad for all the prep work I did in my AbsoluteFIT sessions!

There was a ton of fresh snow, very heavy and wet stuff. We spent whole days playing in it, out behind the cabin we shared with another family: building a sledding track out of packed snow, hauling more snow in the sleds to build it higher, making snow spectators, building two forts and the hundreds of snowballs that we then threw in an epic snowball fight, and of course, repeatedly and unexpectedly sinking to the thigh in drifts we thought weren’t that deep, then having to extricate ourselves — talk about a test of endurance and strength! (Not to mention cardio, at altitude — hoo boy!)

We put in some time on the slopes, too; my husband and I used to take several trips to Tahoe each winter, pre-kid, but this was my first time skiing since before I got pregnant with our now-8-year-old, so I was very tentative and rusty — but I managed it just fine, and wasn’t even sore the next day!

And it’s not just my sample of one — everyone in Monday and Tuesday’s sessions who’d been in the snow during “Ski Week” marveled at how AbsoluteFIT had gotten them in much better shape to enjoy skiiing, snowboarding, and just messing around out there. It’s like I’ve said: AbsoluteFIT applies to your whole life, not just your time in the gym.

—Lydia M. 


Author: stephdoty

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2 thoughts on “Tales of Real-Life AbsoluteFITness: Winter Break Edition

  1. Sounds like an absolute blast!

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