AbsoluteFIT with Lydia | Seasonal Hazards: Cookie Patrol Edition

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It’s cookie time, y’all! Good thing we all work out so hard, eh? 

Among the many things I did not consider about parenthood before I was already in it: The possibility that one day, entry to my living room would be blocked off by a knee-high stack of cases of Girl Scout cookies, courtesy of a very enthusiastic 8-year-old Brownie who wants to sell one thousand boxes. My girl, she doesn’t aim low.

I’m used to buying more boxes than one person reasonably should eat, and then eating them all by myself — that, I’ve been doing for 20 years. But I’m on the other side now, and HEY DO YOU GUYS WANT SOME COOKIES? I GOT COOKIES! LOTSA COOKIES! SO MANY COOKIES! I GOTCHER THIIIIIINNNNN MIIIIIINNNNNNTS! HEY HOW COME YOU GUYS ARE RUNNING AWAY?

This topic came up in the middle of an AbsoluteFIT session today, as a matter of fact — of the seven people in the room, two of us are current Brownie parents, and, hilariously, we made some sales in between circuits without even trying, even as we all complained about how addictive the cookies are. Hardly anyone’s able to say no — even while they’re doing reverse lunges off of a two-foot-high step bench. The general consensus seemed to be, “Well, that’s part of the reason we work out, right?”

The AbsoluteFIT lifestyle is about balance, y’all — just like I said last week. Eat well most of the time, work out, and treat yo self now and then. 🙂

—Lydia M. 

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