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It’s not a resolution if I call it a “meditation around” something, YKWIM? 


Ahh, 2016 — a beautiful cold dark rainy new year!

I really mean that, btw — I’ve been LOVING this rain and cold. The problem is, I feel no guilt whatsoever about staying inside, mostly baking, eating and drinking.

So … despite generally keeping up with AbsoluteFIT workouts, I’m up, poundage-and-circumference-wise. I don’t need to measure it — my jeans tell the story quite succinctly.

Now, I’d like my jeans to shut the heck up. But I don’t make New Year’s resolutions — instead, I do some meditating around my early-January birthday. I think about what made me feel strong and happy in the last year, and what I’d like to continue or start; I think about what’s coming up this year, and make a loose plan for meeting needs and goals. Here’s what I’ve come up with that’s relevant in this forum:

  • AbsoluteFIT is a major key to my physical and emotional well-being, and I’m going to keep making these workouts a priority.
  • Breakfast and lunch need attention. The magical Nutritious and Delicious Meal Fairy doesn’t exist, so I will need to stock and prep good tasty fuel for myself.
  • Tracking is my ally, not my enemy. [Repeat to self until it’s true]
  • “Treat yo self” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “with food.” Everything from getting a massage at AVAC (which I’ve scheduled! yay!) to replacing my 16-year-old ski clothes with cute new ones counts.

How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

—Lydia M. 

3 thoughts on “AbsoluteFIT with Lydia | Happy New Year!

  1. Yeah!
    Re: treating yourself with non- food — on my friend’s birthday she was on a health – related diet — so burgers and steaks were out. We finally settled on a treat— ice skating!

  2. Also my breakfast and lunch need attention. Fries with ranch dressing are $1.75, but even my students pointed out that’s not a good lunch for me!

  3. Eggs — I’m thinking eggs are the key somehow. Cheap, quick to cook, tasty, packed with protein …

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