This Could Be Your Perfect Workout

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As you ponder the many fitness choices available to you at AVAC® we would like to encourage you to consider Group Fitness. AVAC® provides a diverse schedule that accommodates members of all levels, ages and abilities. There is truly something for everyone in this well designed program. With experienced and knowledgeable instructors on hand to guide you through safe yet challenging workouts what more could you ask for? Well there is more –

Consider the Benefits

Group Fitness classes challenge the body and metabolic system in all the ways that a personal workout can with several added benefits. The combination of a passionate instructor, awesome music and exclusive world-class programming can provide you with a truly enjoyable workout experience. On top of that, classes offer each participant a chance to enjoy camaraderie in a social atmosphere while working out.

What are you looking for?

The AVAC® Group Fitness schedule provides you with a menu of classes to pick from. Classes that are all or mostly cardiovascular in nature provide you will all the benefits of an aerobic workout:

The prevention and management of:

  •  Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity / Weight control
  • And some forms of cancer

Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories and fat not just while you exercise but also for several hours afterwards. Additionally aerobic activity has been found to improve sleep, boost the immune system and raise self-confidence.

All of these benefits from aerobic activity can be realized through any form of cardiovascular activity. So why Group Fitness? During a Group Fitness class a certain amount of energy and adrenaline is produced when people work out together that is highly motivating. Classes that have a choreography component have been found to reduce the risk of dementia. The combination of remembering steps and moving in precise time to music contribute to this.

Cardiovascular Choices on the Menu:

Spin                                      Just Enough

Step                                      Cardio Kick Box

Zumba                                 Combo

Water Fitness

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is just one slice of the fitness Pie. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that for optimum fitness each individual do cardiovascular as well as resistance training on a weekly basis. The strength portion of the recommendation suggests at least two sessions per week that address the major muscles in the body. Luckily AVAC’s Group Fitness menu provides these sessions for you.  Here are just a few of the benefits of attending AVAC’s Sculpting classes:

  • The chance to learn proper form and alignment
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Improved balance and reduced risk of falls
  • A sense of well –being
  • Feel a sense of achievement
  • Increased range of movement and flexibility
  • Helps one feel more energetic and relaxed

Resistance Training Choices on the Menu:

  • TBC : Total Body Conditioning
  • Ultimate Athletic Conditioning
  • Power Play
  • Basic Strength
  • Strictly Core
  • SpinRX

Finally, the body needs to stretch, to relax to rejuvenate. Yoga classes offer a balance of stretch, strength and relaxation that help the body adapt to all the demands placed on it through out the day. Yoga complements both the cardiovascular and the strength portions of any workout.

Relaxation / Rejuvenation choices on the menu:

  • Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Tai Chi

An open invitation to Group Fitness:

The entire AVAC® Group Fitness staff would like to invite you to try one or several of our classes in 2016. Each instructor and class has its own unique flair and feel. Sometimes you need to try several things to find your niche. We are here to assist you in doing so. Looking forward to meeting you this year.

– Becky Smothermon, Team AVAC®

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