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AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – “I’m a Hacker!” 

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via – Lydia M., AVAC’s AbsoluteFIT Blogger Queen

this is me

Coughing: It’s what’s for dinner! 

Guess what? I’m a hacker! A hacker-up-of-lungs, not a computer hacker or a life hacker … [five minute spasm of horrible, croaking, blucky-sounding coughing ensues]

Yeah, so, after I wrote that post last week — five excuses for skipping a workout, and how to conquer them — I was struck with my every-two-years-or-so bout of Bronchial Crud, and I’ve been out of the AbsoluteFIT studio ever since. My throat is a ball of fire, I spit horrifying things into the sink, I “sleep” at night elevated on like six pillows, drifting on a wave of the good cough syrup (the stuff with codeine) … and I’m sick of it. (Sick, get it?? Har.)

But I am convinced that my recuperation has been faster since I’ve avoided strenuous aerobic workouts — and I think I can get back in there tomorrow. Yay! Ever hopeful, your AbsoluteFIT fanatic … how are you all doing? I could use some updates from the healthy world …

—Lydia M. 


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One thought on “AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – “I’m a Hacker!” 

  1. Haven’t been exercising too much this holiday season either, but the long walk I took on Christmas Eve felt great! And I got to catch up with some family members on the phone as I walked.