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 Come tonight for a FREE Class Demo!

Finally a class by fitness expert John Kensit! AVAC’s secret weapon has primarily done one-on-one or tandem training, until now! In this is a small group dynamic metabolic conditioning class you will get a full body workout targeting major muscle groups using dumbbells, weight sled, kettle bells, rowers, med balls and your own body weight during push-ups, burpees, lunges, thrusters, and more! By doing high intensity drills you will be able kick start your metabolism and heart rate into full gear, which in turn will burn calories not just during the workout but up to 48 hours afterwards.
What are the benefits of Metabolic Conditioning?
• Incinerate body fat
• Achieve faster results
• Boost metabolism
• Improve cardiovascular capacity
• Serious calorie burn
• Continue caloric burn after your workout
Who This class is perfect for those who are stuck doing the same routine without seeing any results and anyone who wants to see those results in a short amount of time.
When  Wednesdays & Fridays | 5 – 5:45 pm (Starts January 6)
Where Pilates Studio & Gym Floor
Cost AVAC® Members | Members $400 ($25 per class)| 8 week program | 2x per week (16 classes)
Non-Members | $480 ($30 per class) | 8 week program | 2x per week (16 classes
Register Contact John Kensit at

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