AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – PANTSED!


via – Lydia M., AbsoluteFIT at AVAC® Participant

Here’s a first-world, AbsouteFIT problem for ya: My favorite, best, most wonderful workout pants are no more! They are ex-pants!  They are pining for the fjords!

Sorry for the Python digression there … but oh man, this has been one annoying little saga. My beloved (discontinued! ugh!!!) Moving Comfort Endurance Racer tights — worn innumerable times in the AbsoluteFIT studio and for running, washed a million times, put through more than any pant should have to go through — sprung a hole right in the crotcheal region. Irreparable, and apparently, irreplaceable.


Like, I have ordered and returned FIVE PAIRS of “similar” workout tights — 2XU, RoadRunner, Champion, Under Armor, Athleta — and just today wasted my morning shopping in person for them: total strikeout. And the problem is different with each one: Not enough compression, good legs but awful too-tight waistband, super-camel-toe situation, bizarre unflattering length … and I’m reduced to wearing my backup pair of Endurance Racers, which is a size too big and actually falls down, despite being fairly powerful compression tights. Booooooo!

Does anyone have a brand or type that they love? I’m running out of ideas, here … and I can’t work out without pants!

—Lydia M. 

One thought on “AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – PANTSED!

  1. Lol @ “crotcheal region”

    I guess my problem is not so severe since I mostly walk for exercise now— some pants I bought years ago at Target do just fine. But in running, the perfect pant is important. May heaven help you find just the right fit!

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