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A Dozen Healthy Homemade Chips Recipes

Some healthy snack ideas to make your New Year’s resolution do-able!

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12 Recipes for Healthy Homemade Chips

Crunchy and salty, how we love this snack time power couple! There’s no substitute for the crave-worthy flavor and satisfying texture that make carb-centric snacks so delicious. But store-bought chips are usually fried in an unhealthy amount of oil, which packs a significant amount of fat. Instead, try baking your own homemade chips by using vegetables, fruits and whole-wheat pitas. We’ve rounded up this list of healthier chip recipes that will certainly cure your case of munchies. Just don’t forget some salsa, hummus or dip!


1. Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Orange and Thyme
Orange juice and blood orange zest give an unexpected twist to the classic sweet potato chip. If you need to use more than one baking sheet, make sure to adjust the 20-minute bake time accordingly. Bonus: These are paleo-friendly! Photo and Recipe: Jennifer / Jennifer Chong Studio


2. DIY Pita Chips
It’s quick and easy to make your own pita chips, and this recipe tells you the how much of each spice is optimal for seasoning. Try adding Parmesan if you want a cheesy taste, or use nutritional yeast if you’re vegan. We recommend using whole-wheat pitas for a serving of heart-healthy whole grains. Photo and Recipe: Kelly / Hidden Fruits and Veggies


3. Homemade Taro Chips
Known as the “potato of the tropics,” taro is a purple root vegetable that’s a good source of vitamins B6 and C. Eat these sophisticated chips au natural or class them up for a party by using them as a crunchy base for salmon tartare. Photo and Recipe: Samantha / The Little Ferraro Kitchen


4. Garlic Bread Spinach Chips
Breadcrumbs, Parmesan and garlic give green leaves a kick in this savory snack that delivers a healthy serving of iron. Don’t skimp on the olive oil otherwise the delicious seasoning won’t stick to the spinach. And, be sure to use parchment paper on your baking sheet so your chips don’t burn. Photo and Recipe: Michele / The Lovely Bits

 Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips_620

5. Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips
Transform your apples into a cinnamon-y sweet treat! This recipe requires a three–hour baking and cool time, but the end result is worth it. We say fitting in a workout is the best way to make the time pass! Photo and Recipe: Veronica / The Vegetarian Ginger


6. Baked Chili Cheese Fritos
Tortillas, spices and olive oil come together to give your taste buds a spicy punch in this gluten-free and vegan recipe. It’s got all of the flavor and none of the suspicious ingredients found in the store-bought version that used to turn your fingers orange. Sprinkle these crisps on to chili or a hearty winter soup. Photo and Recipe: Dana /Minimalist Baker


7. Tofu Chips with Sesame and Miso
Asian-inspired seasoning made of miso paste and sesame seeds will take time to make, but the savory umami flavor is sure to get your taste buds’ attention. Pro tip: Make sure to press your tofu to release excess liquid before slicing it. Photo and Recipe: Belinda / The Moonblush Baker


8. Beet Chips with Curried Yogurt Dip
The sweetness of beets enhances these veggie crisps. To save some calories, skip the frying and bake these instead. They’ll pair perfectly with a mild dip that’s got extra protein from Greek yogurt. Photo and Recipe: Amy / Kid Cultivation


9. Lemon Dill Zucchini Chips
Tart taste lovers, rejoice! Lemony flavor steals the spotlight in this recipe. To slice your zucchinis as thin as possible to reduce baking time, use the thinnest setting on a mandolin slicer. Photo and Recipe: Karielyn / The Healthy Family and Home


10. Microwave Sweet Potato Chips
If you don’t have an oven or a dehydrator, you can still make homemade chips with minimal equipment and ingredients. To prevent burning, make sure you keep a close eye as your sweet potato slices bake for 8 minutes or so since some microwaves emit an uneven amount of power. Photo and Recipe: Zach and Clay / The Bitten Word


11. Hint of Lime Baked Tortilla Chips
A dash of citrus ups the ante on your standard Tex-Mex spread. The secret? Bake tortillas until they start to crisp, sprinkle them with a zest and salt mixture and then return to the oven for a few final minutes… Olé! Photo and Recipe: Branny Boils Over


12. Pita Cups with Homemade Hummus
Though not technically a chip, these pita cups make a unique — and healthy! —  appetizer. Use an empty can or cup to make circular pita rounds, press them into muffin tins and voilà! You’ve got yourself a handy little cup just begging to be filled with hummus, salsa or artichoke dip. Photo and Recipe: Jaymee / E is for Eat

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AbsoluteFIT with Lydia – “I’m a Hacker!” 

via – Lydia M., AVAC’s AbsoluteFIT Blogger Queen

this is me

Coughing: It’s what’s for dinner! 

Guess what? I’m a hacker! A hacker-up-of-lungs, not a computer hacker or a life hacker … [five minute spasm of horrible, croaking, blucky-sounding coughing ensues]

Yeah, so, after I wrote that post last week — five excuses for skipping a workout, and how to conquer them — I was struck with my every-two-years-or-so bout of Bronchial Crud, and I’ve been out of the AbsoluteFIT studio ever since. My throat is a ball of fire, I spit horrifying things into the sink, I “sleep” at night elevated on like six pillows, drifting on a wave of the good cough syrup (the stuff with codeine) … and I’m sick of it. (Sick, get it?? Har.)

But I am convinced that my recuperation has been faster since I’ve avoided strenuous aerobic workouts — and I think I can get back in there tomorrow. Yay! Ever hopeful, your AbsoluteFIT fanatic … how are you all doing? I could use some updates from the healthy world …

—Lydia M. 

Peppermint Hot Cocoa…20 Calories!

Kasey, at Powercakes.net has a sweet option for a low-calorie holiday favorite!

Oh em gee;
This tea is amazing.
It’s a mix of peppermint & vanilla – to diieee for.

So I boiled some water…

Then in my mug,

I put in the tea bag
with 2 TB of Dark Cocoa Powder
& a squirt of Stevia, of course!

Then I poured the boiling water into my mug;
& had some

Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

  • 2 TB of Dark Cocoa Powder
  • 1 bag of Tea (can be any type)
    I used the Candy Cane Lane!
  • Stevia

Ready for the nutrition stats on this lovely drink?

20 Calories & 4 grams of FIBER!

Each tablespoon of Dark Cocoa has 10 calories & 2 grams of Fiber.


You’ve got to try this out!! :]

Love the Heat of Sriracha?

5 Healthy Reasons to Pile On the Sriracha

If you love piling the spice on heavy, chances are you’re already aware of the flavorful wonders of hot sauce — we’re big fans of sriracha and Tabasco over here. But hot sauce offers more than a little kick to your senses, it can actually be a tasty resource for successful weight loss. Here are five reasons to get spicy.

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  1. It doesn’t pack on the calories: While certain condiments offer plentiful flavor, hot sauce does the same at a fraction of the calories. It varies from brand to brand, but most hot sauces are approximately six calories per tablespoon.
  2. It kicks up your metabolism: Hot sauce offers a boost of vitamin C and capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers that is responsible for the serious heat. But even better than sheer flavor factor, vitamin C and capsaicin have both been shown to assist in revving up your metabolism.
  3. It helps with aging: A large study recently confirmed that individuals who ate spicy food on the regular were more likely to live longer than those who don’t.
  4. It helps keep you satisfied: A little goes a long way with hot sauce! For your sodium level’s sake, you definitely shouldn’t douse all your food in it, but by keeping your food spicier, you’ll need to chow down a little more slowly. Hot sauce is a great way to pace yourself if you tend to keep things harried when you’re eating.
  5. It can better your mood: While other factors are absolutely at play here, capsaicin brings on endorphins. Not only do these endorphins lessen the spicy blow of the next bite, we know that they are integral to sustain a good mood.