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We recently held a Team AVAC “Champs Challenge” – a 4 week jump start to Fitness with 30 team members participating. The challenge was a success! We are excited to announce that we will be rolling this challenge out to our AVAC members in early 2016!
Kelly Jones was the first place overall winner. Kelly really took the challenge seriously going above and beyond with her commitment. She lost 1.5% in body fat after 28 days! Kelly increased her overall TRX row by 7, bodyweight squats by 17 and knocked off over a minute on her rower time. That’s awesome! She also lost inches in her body composition, and took advantage of the daily journal in the Challenge Booklet to chart her food, mood, and fitness activities. Congratulations Kelly Jones, all that hard work paid off!

via – Kelly Jones, Team AVAC

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Congratulations also to Gabby Tolentino and Sheena Dinga. Gabby Tolentino was a close third and won our overall usage award! She busted her butt with 33 workouts during the 28 day challenge and saw significant gains in her TRX row and body weight squat assessment. She also had decreases in her body composition measurements. Way to go Gabby!

Our final winner from the random raffle is Sheena Dinga. There were 10 participants who met the 12 workout requirement for the 28 day challenge. Shout out to everyone who was entered in the raffle who didn’t win prizes; Christy, Kristin, Chris, Andrew, Mira, Ryan Roderick, Brandie, Ashley and Scott. You all worked hard and are champions in our book!

An honorable mention goes out to Ashley Ingoglia who worked extremely hard over the last 28 days and gave Kelly a run for her money. She came in second overall. Nice Job, Ashley Venter Ingoglia.

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming 2016 Champs Challenge!

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