AbsoluteFIT with Lydia | Turkey and Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Today’s post will be a brief one — my husband and kids are off of work and school, and I’m preparing to host a Thanksgiving feast featuring several old family recipes/methods (the gravy, the stuffing, the pecan pie), some traditions we’ve developed ourselves (my mashed potatoes, the husband’s awesome turkey, the Obligatory Total Afterthought Canned Green Beans), and of course, the capper: the season’s official first viewing of A Christmas Story, Thursday night.

No matter what your plans, be grateful for what you have, love your family and friends, and don’t use even an ounce of your precious energy worrying about calories — let one day be free of that tiresome crap, and just enjoy yourself. You can get back in the studio on Friday. Or, OK, Monday. Monday is soon enough. 🙂

—Lydia M. 

One thought on “AbsoluteFIT with Lydia | Turkey and Thankfulness

  1. Yum! I like cranberry sauce from a can -— the kind that has lumpy berries, not the uniform one. You know what I mean.

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