Behind the Scenes… AVAC® Members & Guests Get a Sneak Peek!

via -Mary Ann Smith, Team AVAC®

2On November 15, 38 AVAC members and guests carpooled to Levi Stadium.  None of us knew what to expect.  But we went on a Bye Week and had the entire parking lot free for us to get a more than great spot.

We knew that the Sunday Mercury News had two articles about the site of the Super Bowl 50.  One was about security issues.  We were given a taste of the tighter security procedures.  We didn’t experience the extended security but we did have to pass upscale procedures.  The other article was about the museum.  It was the last on the agenda before we left and I will add that we didn’t have enough time to see it thoroughly.7

We entered the escalator to go up to the entrance and once on the mezzanine we saw the Kezar Sports Bar and the awesome sight of the bowl.  We were taken to the seats on the 50 yard line and we were able to sit in those very comfortable seats.  After visiting several dining areas, we went to the Press area, visited a 22 seat glassed in box, a roof top garden where solar panels help the city of Santa Clara with power as well as the Stadium, had our photo taken on the field with a replica of the 49er Super Bowl trophy, the visiting team locker room, and the elite Mellon Dining Room.


Then on to the Museum with the life like statues of players of every era – Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, Dwight Clark, Steve Young, Y.A. Tittle, John Henry Johnson, Joe Perry, Hugh McElhenny and more.  It was a memorable afternoon that was spent with, Sue, a wonderful docent and, Fred, who helped keep us in order.



We will have a Super Bowl party and wear the pins given to us with the emblem “50” because the Roman numeral for 50 is L and the powers to be said that most will think L will stand for loser.  We look forward to another gathering to watch the Super Bowl and think of the wonderful time we had together.

-Mary Ann Smith

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