Tips for a Fit Flight!

via – Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director, AVAC®

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Next year we have several trips planned from Almaden Valley Athletic Club®. Our first trip is in April to Washington DC; then to New Orleans and Graceland; next is a trip to the Canadian Rockies & Glacier Nation Park; and last the Southern Charm Holiday to Savannah and Jekyll Island.

With this in mind, we would like to maintain good health while flying. What should we do to keep ourselves healthy?

First:  Dress comfortable because clothes that constrict can cause compression of the blood vessels and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Second:  The lack of humidity on a plane can make the air feel dry. The dryness makes blood more concentrated and can promote a deep vein thrombosis and its complications. To combat dehydration and dryness, keep drinking water and use eye drops.

Third:  Use easy seat exercises to beat stiffness on long flights. Ankle circles, knee lifts, knee to chest and toe tapping are exercises that are easily done in your seat.

Before you travel be sure to let your airline know about any need for services that you may have. Airlines are willing to help with any assistance you may need.  Hope to see you on one of our new adventures in 2016.

Click to read more about our upcoming trips.

– Mary Ann

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