Have You Challenged Yourself Lately?

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I am currently participating in a ‘trial run’ at AVAC® called the Champs Challenge. It is a 28-day challenge that is simply a great push for those that need to jump start their active lifestyle. You get credit for every workout you do (up to 2 a day), at AVAC®. For those super competitive people, you can log 2 work outs a day and win the prize for most workouts done overall. But for those of us that just want to do it for the extra push, it’s so worth it also.

I’m not saying that I have consistently done a workout everyday, but I have started consciously making the time to do a work out here or there and knowing myself this would not have happened without this Challenge. For instance…I have started attending my normal Yoga class that I have not been to in almost 9 months (Mira’s class at 8:10 on Tuesdays nights- it’s amazing you should go!) and on my days off instead of relaxing all day I make myself get on the stationary bike for a little bit to actually earn the relaxation that happens later. And of course there is the occasional class that I add just for variety and to try something new.

There are also weekly lectures offered on various topics to give you a little more information on how to work out properly. I have to say I really enjoyed them. I didn’t think I was going to have so many “a-ha” moments in the mere 30 minutes we were in there.

As the Challenge comes to an end, I may not win any physical prizes, but I have gained so much more. I am so happy with everything it did for me as far as developing my mind set and having a better understanding as to how a workout can help your cause and how to not “waste my time” while at the gym.  Thank you fitness department for putting this together!


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