Tips for a Fit Flight!

via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director, AVAC® Next year we have several trips planned from Almaden Valley Athletic Club®. Our first trip is in April to Washington DC; then to New Orleans and Graceland; next is a trip to the Canadian Rockies & Glacier Nation Park; and last the Southern Charm Holiday to... Continue Reading →


Fun Hallowen Recipe: Pretzel Spider Webs

Via- Trick or treat! Halloween season is finally here, which means you have an excuse to make adorable treats like these Pretzel Spider Webs! The pretzel-chocolate combination is a favorite among many kids, so we’re confident these are going to become a Halloween tradition in your house. Plus, two webs will only put you... Continue Reading →

Are you “SAD?”

Fall is here, and the days are shorter. With earlier sunsets, some people find themselves experiencing seasonal blues. Read on for some effective ways to combat 'SAD.' via - 5 Proven Ways To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder As many as one in six people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD—a form of... Continue Reading →

Muffin Top or Muffin Tin?

via - As part of our Nutrition Seminar Series, Vesna Mardesic is hosting "Eating Right for the Holidays" tonight at AVAC®! Learn more here. 5 Ways a Muffin Tin Can Help You Lose Weight Your muffin tin's sole purpose is not baking up sweet treats! If you're on a weight-loss mission, it's time to start... Continue Reading →

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