Time to Bring your Outdoor Workouts Inside

via – Jon Cebula, Team AVAC®

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As fall approaches and the weather outside begins to cool, it’s now time again to bring our Summer workouts back indoors for the fall and winter seasons. But just because you’re inside doesn’t mean the fun is over. Fall is a great time to turn your interest towards something new. Now is the perfect opportunity to try out that new class you’ve been thinking about; maybe it’s building up a great sweat during an intense spin class, or how about burning some calories in an H.I.I.T class (High Intensity Interval Training), and perhaps its tapping into your inner ballerina during a Barre class or even showing some flex appeal in yoga. If it’s new and been on your mind, try it out! Fall is a time for change, so why not throw in some change to your workout routine?

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we need to pack up the workouts for the winter. Reinvent your fall and winter workouts so that “Swimsuit Season” doesn’t loom over your head come spring time. Plan ahead and plan for success! The training staff here at AVAC® is waiting and ready to help you plan for success with your indoor routine.

-Jon Cebula, Fitness Trainer | Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

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