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fitbitBack to school season is usually when my work out schedule gets thrown out of sync. As I try to rebalance my work-school life, I’ve noticed that working out usually is the first thing to fall off my daily to-do list and it takes me a few weeks to truly get back into a routine again. I recently bought a Fitbit (which measures steps and distance walked in a day), and although I’m still trying to get my schedules set, I’ve been tracking my steps and trying to maintain my minimum 15,000 steps a day. Doing that reminds me that I am still putting my fitness as a priority and stops me from completely falling off the wagon. I park further at school, walk the long route to class, and I try to stand while working instead of sitting all day at work. Little things do add up! If I’m below my daily goal, a lap or two around the block usually helps out a lot.

I love looking at my Fitbit at the end of the day because it makes me feel super accomplished. Try it out! Take the time to walk a little further the next time you’re going anywhere. Challenge yourself with a daily goal!


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