Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: Batwings, Begone!

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15 lbs
Motivation can come from anywhere — even your old family photos!

Remember in Bossypants, when Tina Fey talked about how she was slowly morphing into her own mother, with hips like “bread dough wrapped around a case of soda”? Well … I’ve seen her on TV and she’s in no danger of that. But it was a funny way of describing something we all think about now and then: our genetic destiny.

Me, I’m doing AbsoluteFIT partly to outrun my own genetic destiny — and just being real here, it’s not just about the heart disease and high blood pressure I’m staving off. There are other, primarily vanity-based reasons. For instance: I love and miss my late, beautiful grandmother E. every day, but do I need to walk around sporting her batwings on my upper arms??? I do not.

And so it was with particular pride that I recently had another fitness breakthrough: I did bicep curls and overhead presses with the 15-pound dumbbells. FIFTEEN. POUNDS. EACH.

That is my new normal. Holy crap. I may never wear a shirt with sleeves again.

—Lydia M.

More info on AbsoluteFIT here.

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