Take a Hike!

via – Leah Viele-Verner, Team AVAC®

take a hike

With summer coming close to an end and school about to start, NOW is the perfect time to get out and take a hike. With all whether channels predicting this soon to be harsh winter, take advantage of all the outdoor activities surrounding us. No matter what age, shape, or size someone is, a hike is always a healthy and great workout. Everyone needs a mental break from reality, a change in their workout, and a good breath of fresh air.

Growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains I discovered a love for the outdoors at a young age. Hiking was a weekly event and learning to navigate my way through the redwood trees became a great passion of mine. When I made my move to San Jose I felt as if I was drowning in a sea of cement and felt like I was the furthest thing away from nature. As I became acclimated to the “gym life” I was missing my weekly dose of hiking. I thought the closes trails to hike were back at home in Santa Cruz, but I was greatly mistaken.

Did you know there are over a dozen hiking trails just within a 10 mile radius of AVAC®? Surprising right? I soon found myself a piece of home in San Jose and never looked at this city the same again. Have you had trouble finding trails in your area? Have no fear, I found an app that I downloaded on my iPhone called AllTrails. This app uses your location and shows you all the local trails nearest to you. It rates the trails and gives you exact directions on how to get there and helps you navigate the trail. The AllTrails app makes all hikes easy! Check it out: http://alltrails.com/

Hurry before this winter hits…TAKE A HIKE.

– Leah

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