Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey | (Class) Size Matters

Who you’re with can make a difference in how you work.
Who you’re with can make a difference in how you work.

Do you do Group X or work out solo? I’ve done both for years, and both are good in their own ways — but I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things about AbsoluteFIT is the small-group setup. Here’s why:

  • Sometimes it’ll be just two or three people — like a private training session with a friend. The coach can give you more personal attention, helping you tweak moves for greater benefits, and there’s almost zero time lost in transition between circuits.
  • With four to six people, you can see a variety of approaches to any given move (e.g. full plank vs. forearm vs. knees) and vary things up with a couple of groups on the circuits.
  • With six to nine people, there’s usually such a high energy in the room that people can push themselves beyond their comfort zones (which is a good thing, to increase fitness) — for example, I remember two regulars who got into a little friendly competition on a plyometric exercise a few months ago, and the rest of us couldn’t help but be inspired to push harder!
  • Regardless of the group size, having other people around — working on the same thing — is good for motivation and focus. It’s not just you, alone, counting reps, wondering how long this is gonna take.
  • Unlike with the bigger Group X classes, though, there’s no jockeying for position, scrambling for equipment, craning to see what the instructor is doing way up there at the front — there’s an immediacy that makes it much easier to tune out distractions and get the coaching you need.

In short, to me AbsoluteFIT is the best of both worlds — come and try a few workouts, and you might agree!

—Lydia M. 

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