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Want to challenge yourself and make a change for the better? Check out AVAC's AbsoluteFIT Class Schedule Here


Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: Batwings, Begone!

via - Lydia M, AbsoluteFIT pro! Remember in Bossypants, when Tina Fey talked about how she was slowly morphing into her own mother, with hips like “bread dough wrapped around a case of soda”? Well … I’ve seen her on TV and she’s in no danger of that. But it was a funny way of... Continue Reading →

Taking a Stand to Prevent Falls

via - Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director | Team AVAC® September 23 is Santa Clara Adult Falls Prevention Awareness Day which promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for adults in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere. Many adults experience falls injuries that prevent them from living safely. AVAC® would like to promote lifestyle... Continue Reading →

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