Go Ride A Bike!

via – Jon Cebula, Team AVAC®

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With summertime in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to take your healthy habits to the great outdoors and bicycling is a great way to be outside and active. Tap into your inner child that longs for the joys of summer and remember the freedom and excitement of a good old-fashion “Ride”.

In my opinion, biking provides a lot of variety in activity. You can take out your road-cycle for some long distance cycling, you can catch of air with some big jumps on your BMX, you can carve the trails on your mountain bike or simply enjoy a little ride around the neighborhood on your cruiser. Whatever your preferred mode of style, your bicycle is a good way to get outside and get some movement.

Biking is a great full body exercise with tremendous cardiovascular benefits. The average bike ride can burn around 200-300 calories in about 30-minutes (at an average speed of 10-11 mph). It is excellent for developing strong legs as well as increased endurance.

Living in California provides us with many unique opportunities to explore the natural wonders of our state. www.traillink.com/trailsearch.aspx?state=CA is a great link to view local and statewide biking trails. Find a local trail to try and go on an adventure and discover your new favorite spot!

With the sunshine weather of summer it’s a perfect time to ditch the hustle of driving your car everywhere and swap out for a cruise on the bike. Take your time and enjoy the ride!

– Jon Cebula, Personal Trainer/AbsoluteFIT Coach
Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

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