Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: Variety Is the Spice of AbsoluteFIT Life

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are people too — and you get your best workout when you try ‘em all! (Marie leading an outdoor AbsoluteFIT class)

My AbsoluteFIT schedule is dictated mostly by my life schedule — as in, I book my workouts for the times I can fit into my days. I’ve been lucky lately to have sessions with several different trainers, which has been an unexpectedly awesome way to get variety. Wondering what the trainers are like? Here are my personal impressions of a few of them:

  • Marcy: I’ve said it before: It’s always a high-energy, mood-boosting calorie blast of a workout with Marcy. She likes to mix it up, and her gleeful cackle when she’s got us doing something especially difficult is one of my favorite things about her.
  • Marie: So warm, welcoming and sweet, with such careful attention to modifications for people who need them — you almost forget what tough work you’re doing, and it’s amazing how such a nice person can push us so hard!
  • Jackie: A bright, engaging dynamo who never lets a second go to waste. Her eye is always on your form, even if there are nine people in the session, and she’s extremely attuned to avoiding injury and getting the most out of each move.
  • Vesna: The sporty coach whose team you’re glad to be on, Vesna leads us through self-paced workouts that challenge the body and focus the mind. She shares great nutrition tips, and always has a tweak for increasing the difficulty (and therefore the benefit) level of any move.
  • Merav: Never have I met a person so serious about and good at her craft, yet so hilarious that sometimes it’s actually harder to do what she’s telling you to do — I guess that’s just extra work for your core in her Pilates classes, right?

Whose workouts have you enjoyed lately?

—Lydia M. 

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