An AVAC® Fourth of July Celebration

via – Mary Ann Smith | Team AVAC®

For several years, I have hosted a Fourth of July Celebration at my home for members and guests. This year was no exception.  Members bring a breakfast pastry or fruit to share and I prepares the Mango Mimosas.  Friends and neighbors join us to visit.  It is interesting to see everyone talking to one another and not a cell phone in sight.  Conversation goes from “how nice to see you” to “I can’t believe it is July already.”

float from 2014

We head up the street to watch the parade.  It was a bit smaller this year but the floats were beautiful and all the participants in the parade had a wonderful time.  We will have our street participate next year.  The kids are already looking forward to it.

Since going to Mackinac Island two weeks ago and enjoying their desserts, those who came to celebrate the 4th at Mary Ann’s were treated to the Red Velvet cupcakes with popcorn ice cream that were on the menu in our dining room at the Grand Hotel.  We had never heard of popcorn ice cream.  The chef made it with Salted Caramel mix and at the end of the mixing time put in the popcorn.   Wasn’t hard to make but was delicious.

If you are interested, put the Fourth of July on your list for next year.  We would love to have with us to enjoy good company, good conversation and celebrate the founding of our country.

– Mary Ann Smith | Senior Wellness Director, Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

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