Senior Wellness Social

via – Mary Ann Smith | Team AVAC®

On Friday, June 12, members gathered at the home of Jill Gossner to share some dessert and social time together. Jill’s home is in a lovely cul-de-sac so her back yard has interesting surprises. In one corner is a softly lit gazebo.IMG_20150612_205623960

Some of the members gathered there with stories of different cultures. In another place on the lawn, we heard stories of trips that we have taken and places we have been. Under the pergola were stories of how being in the service helped to shape lives.IMG_20150612_205525654

The desserts were on a table in the dining room and Jill prepared coffee and tea served in the kitchen. Her English heritage allows us to see how regal being together can be.  If you have an opportunity, join us for an evening of relaxation and fellowship.IMG_20150612_184729856

-Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director at AVAC®

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