Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey – Poolside Empowerment, the AbsoluteFIT Way  

AbsoluteFIT has made me AbsoluteFearless!

There is not much in life that I would prefer to do with an audience of teenage boys — but if it happens, I can handle it, thanks to AbsoluteFIT.

I suppose I should explain …

I remember how awkward and goofy I felt at my first few AbsoluteFIT sessions, not wanting to be in the middle or at the front, worrying about how I looked trying unfamiliar moves and how red and sweaty my face was getting as the workout ramped up. The feeling went away pretty quickly as I began to get stronger, and to learn how genuinely welcoming and encouraging my fellow Absolute FIT people are, and I gradually stopped worrying about it.

But a couple of weeks ago I got a good illustration of just how far I’ve come: Our outdoor, poolside boot camp — which shares the general area with a water aerobics class, tennis players on their way to and from the courts, parents propelling toddlers to their indoor swim lessons, and so forth — had an audience of teenage boys. Just a couple of dudes, hanging out at an umbrella table, drinking their Starbucks, looking at their phones … five feet away from us as we lunged, jumped, lifted, and sweated.

Once upon a time, I would have DIED of embarrassment in this situation. That day? I felt pretty badass, actually. I was all, Well, my Mom Butt may end up on this kid’s Instagram, but who gives a crap? We AbsoluteFIT chicks are awesome!

Wanna feel freedom like that? Get yourself into the studio! 🙂

—Lydia M. 

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