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I’m sure you all have heard about the AbsoluteFIT program at AVAC® and if you haven’t you should try it. This is not some testimonial that someone asked me to write, I just sincerely love it and wanted to share.

Going to the gym is not something I have ever been motivated to do because I would rather be outside hiking or running, but the AbsoluteFIT classes I have been to, I go back to. The instructors are amazing and because they are small group (9-12 people) classes I know the instructors are watching me and correcting me if I am ever doing something wrong. I do usually go to the same classes so in keeping it consistent the instructors know my name and know my capability, which unfortunately for me sometimes, means I can’t cheat. I have to do my best every time.


I am getting ready for my bi-annual Colorado camping/hiking/hunting  trip my boyfriend and I take every other September. We started doing training hikes for it a couple months ago, yes even with a 30-80lb pack on. Comparing myself to where I was 2 years ago prepping for this trip, I feel so much better! My legs are stronger, my core is stronger and I even feel that I am breathing better – I didn’t even know that was possible.

My boyfriend and I are on similar schedules as far as our prepping for this trip. My AbsoluteFIT classes are the only thing I do extra and I can see the difference in our endurance when we are hiking side by side. I love my classes and I will continue to take them for as long as I can!

Hope to see you in one of them sometime……..

– Sheena

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