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Runner’s Best Friend

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via – Sheena Dinga | Team AVAC®

Running buddies are the best! They keep you motivated, keep you on the right track (for those of us that have a horrible sense of direction), and of course just someone to keep you company. But is a running buddy always good thing? What about the times you just want to bust out a verse from you favorite song?  So I came up with a perfect solution……MY PUPPY!!!!!! Yes, my puppy is my new running buddy! We have the best time and I can sing to him all I want and he doesn’t even care.

sheena puppy

sheena with exo 🙂

I have never had a dog that I could actually run with. A bunch of my friends do and I have gone on runs with them, but never on my own. Now I know how awesome it is. He is the best of both worlds. Because he is a lab and has way too much energy he keeps me going for days…motivation, check! Ok he doesn’t have a sense of direction, but luckily I can still pull out my GPS on phone. He keeps me company and best of all I can rock all the tunes I want. If anything it just makes him run harder. Thanks to Exo I am out running 3-4 times a week. That alone is worth it. Besides training for my marathon last year I haven’t had a good motivator for running in a while.

My next endeavor is to introduce him to the glories of long hikes in the wilderness and a little camping on the side. But this is a good start! 




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