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The Barre Necessities

TotalBarre is AbsoluteFIT’s newest offering — get ready to feel the burn! 

Somewhere around the third rep of this very small, easy-seeming move we were doing — a sort of plié, hands resting on the barre, with feet parallel and a squishy green exercise ball pressed between the knees — stereophonic little “eeeeeeeeep”s of pain (I mean, effort) came from me and the woman on my left. Jenny, the teacher, laughed merrily and said something like “And this is just the beginning! Thought this looked easy, did you?”

I laughed, but as a former ballet dancer, I know none of this stuff is easy. It’s not the same calorie burn as running five miles, but it’s a serious challenge to the core, the balance, the concentration — and a thousand eensy little muscles you may not have been aware that you had (but will definitely be aware of the next day!).

Me, I loved it! It was fun, I could feel the way it was lengthening and strengthening my body — what a great addition to the cardio and strength elements of other AbsoluteFIT workouts! — and the mix of people in the class, from longtime non-exercisers getting back into the gym to Pilates practitioners of the highest level, was really nice to see.

I can’t wait to do this one again!

—Lydia M.

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