Rest Day: Make It Work For You

Sure, everyone needs a Rest Day! But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy AVAC® during your rest. Why not come to the Club, try some of these stretches, grab a smoothie from the Poolside Cafe’, and head to the AVAC® Pool!

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Best news ever! If you want to get stronger, you have to rest. Your muscles need time to repair themselves — this is when the strengthening actually happens. Taking a little time off will give your body a chance to recuperate and recharge. But your recovery will be faster if you keep active. Really! Get your blood flowing to help feed your weary muscles, and take yourself for a 20-minute stroll, then give your muscles some TLC. Here’s our simple prescription for making the most of your rest day.


A weekly massage would be great for your body but not so great for your wallet. Instead, invest in a foam roller for some DIY muscle relief. Rolling out smooth knotted muscles and prime tight spots for stretching. Here are three resources to kick off your massage session.


After walking and rolling, lengthen tight muscles with some stretching. Pick one or two stretches for each body part, and hold your stretches for 30 seconds each.


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