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So as I mentioned in the last entry, I knew I had been neglecting my tracking on the MyFitnessPal app. My coach, Oceana, said it was time for a check-in as I rededicated myself to my goals.

The news was … not terrible. Or at least, not as bad as I’d feared. I’m down another half-pound on the scale, which was nice to see, and my chest and other measurements were more or less the same (even my hips!), but my genetically-prone-to-expansion midsection reclaimed a little territory — my waist was 2 inches bigger than the last time I measured (which was, to be clear, several months ago; it takes more than a little extra here and there to gain 2 inches in a month!).

But still: Grrrr. I was really proud of the waist shrinkage. Now, I’ve got motivation to get it back.

Step one: Lay off the Nutella — or, rather, accurately track how much Nutella, and then cut back elsewhere if that’s where I want to spend my calories. Nothing, after all, is off limits — but as AbsoluteFIT has taught me, you can’t spend the same dollar or the same calorie twice!

—Lydia M.

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