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Adventures in Activities – Disc Golf @ Kelley Park

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via – Jonathan Cebula, Team AVAC®

disc golf2Looking for an outdoor activity that is fun and family friendly? Then look no further than your local disc golf course!

Disc golf was created in the early 1970’s and is played very much like traditional golf, but instead of clubs and balls, players throw a Frisbee or “Disc”. The object of the game is to complete each “hole” in as few throws as possible. The “hole” consists of a metal basket with chains designed to catch your disc. Each hole has various distances with all the obstacles and challenges you would face on a normal golf course; trees, bushes, water hazards, etc. Similar to traditional golf, disc golfer choose a particular disc from a choice of distance divers, mid-range drivers and putters. Most local sporting goods stores sell the Innova “Starter Set” for approximately $25, which contains 3-discs: Driver, Mid-Range, and a Putter. Basic skills are easy to pick-up and “greens fees” are normally FREE at most courses.

Kelley Park in San Jose has recently opened an 18-hole course located in the “Orchard” section of the grounds. This brand new course boosts new tee pads and multiple pin positions at each hole to provide optimal challenge. “Greens Fees” at Kelley Park Disc Golf Course are free, but parking in the park parking lot is $6.

Enjoy an afternoon outside in the sun, throwing some disc and possibly finding a new favorite pastime.


View Local Disc Golf Courses

Kelley Park Disc Golf Course
1300 Senter Road.
San Jose, CA 95112

disc golf


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