Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey | Back on Track(ing)

Without a solid goal in mind, I’ve let my tracking trail off in the afternoons and evenings. Time to re-focus!

via – Lydia M, AbsoluteFIT Participant | Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

Confession: I have backslid on my pal. MyFitnessPal, that is.

I’ve tracked my food and exercise on the app, technically, without fail — but not reeeeallly. Not fully. See, I track my breakfast and workouts every single day. I usually track my lunch and snacks up to midday. But in the last couple of months, I’ve definitely let dinners, drinks, and afternoon snacks fall by the wayside.

And guess where I tend to consume the most? Oh yes, dinner … and booze … and desserts. The social time of the day, the one meal where I’m always with other people and don’t want to be bothered with tracking. But that’s no good for my AbsoluteFIT journey; as my coach, Oceana, always says, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

I think I do this when I don’t have a solid goal in mind — without a goal, I drift.

So I’ve set a new goal: I want to look and feel glam at this charity event I’m attending/working at the end of May. And I’m going to track faithfully to get to where I want to be. What are your goals?

—Lydia M.

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