Falling Off the Wagon. … and Getting Back On

via – Christine Cung, Team AVAC

ccung picI am the self-proclaimed “queen” of fad diets. Zone, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Raw-Foods, Juicing … I’ve tried it all! My diets go through the same life cycle: Find a diet, follow the diet strict for two weeks, and fall off as quickly as I started. With my busy schedule of work, school and coaching I usually find myself making excuses for my poor choices in foods.

Fad Diets… they just don’t work! Being fit and healthy requires a lifestyle change. I find that going from zero to a hundred is too drastic of a change in nutrition for me (and many people) and that not easing myself into it plays a huge part in whether or not I succeed.

6 weeks ago, I challenged myself to replace one meal a day with a salad. It’s just one little step in the right direction, but it makes all the difference. Next, I’m going to cut processed sugars from my life. I want to see how my body responds to the cut in sugar. That means no more sweetened teas from Starbucks, cupcakes, and my ultimate vice: Gummy bears.

For the next 6 weeks, I challenge you to change just one thing in your diet. You can cut something out, replace one bad meal a day with something healthy, or introduce something new and healthy to your life. Have fun and good luck!


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