Pilates for the Senior Population

via – Mary Ann Smith, Senior Wellness Director | Team AVAC®

As the senior population grows, interest in maintaining and improving their quality of life with physical activity is growing. But with age come physical limitations and health issues. Pilates is an activity to counter the aging process.

Here at Almaden Valley Athletic Club® we have trained and certified instructors to help guide our members to a safe and effective workout. Their ability to understand biomechanics and physiology are of utmost importance.

The use of equipment and props that are appropriate are essential. We use a variety of equipment in the Pilates Studio. We have mat classes, Cadillac, chair and reformer equipment.  Soon we will be adding the Stott Barre classes.

Cuing is also important for our members. We try to give all types of cues. Tactile, verbal and visual are important but we try not to give too many directions.  Too many directions at one time can make our participants confused.

Pilates can be one of the most effective and functional modalities for helping mature adults maintain or regain their health and wellness. Our staff is educated and ready to help all of our members on their way to be fully functional, have good posture and balance. See our schedule for the best time to have a great workout in a calm, inviting setting and have a good time as well.

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Reference: http://ideafit.com

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