Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey – A Show of Strength

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Every once in awhile, I realize just how far I’ve come with AbsoluteFIT.

The other day, in a Strength and Endurance session, Marie demonstrated some hellish move she appears to have made up herself: a full pushup, in which your feet are on those Glider discs; the legs slide outward on the Gliders as you drop into the pushup, and slide back in to the starting position on the upward part. Basically, it’s some real Spider-Man stuff right there. A pushup, which is HARD ENOUGH THANK YOU, but also with extreme core control and LEGS INVOLVED.

An insanely hard move can teach you how strong you really are.
An insanely hard move can teach you how strong you really are.

We all stood around and did that dubious-laughter thing, like ain’t no way we’re gonna be able to do that, lady! You’re dreaming!

But — when it was my turn on that circuit — I did it. And not just once, either — I got four or five good reps completed before I had to give up the leg part and just do pushups for the rest of the 50 seconds. Second time through, I did it again — six of them this time. And while I was doing it, utterly focused (which I had to be — it was tough to coordinate!), the word “strong” came into my head. I absolutely could not have done even one rep of this move five months ago. “Strong,” said my unhinged brain — and it was right.

—Lydia M. 

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