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I did not want to work out today. At all.

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A tough workout brought me out of my exhausted bad mood.

I had a long, tiring day yesterday taking care of a kid who had been pukey-sick all weekend but was now on the mend, and then I stayed up too late with my husband and a glass or three of wine (watching Better Call Saul and Last Man On Earth). And then — AND THEN — I woke up at 4:03 a.m., for no reason, and lay there for nearly two hours thinking of really important stuff like what I need to get at Target.

So this morning, I was not in the mood. I was exhausted, and had a lot to do today; wouldn’t it be easier just to skip the gym? Yes, yes it would.

But I had signed up, and I knew from experience that I would feel worse if I didn’t go. I dragged myself to AVAC® and up the stairs to the studio — and once again, it was like magic! Surrounded by friendly faces, encouraged by Marie’s coaching, I could feel my mood lifting along with those 12-lb. dumbbells I was pushing skyward. I’d had so little energy to begin with, that I’d mentally prepared to do less — lift a lighter weight, go a little slower, take it easy — and I ended up pushing even harder than usual.

At the end, I felt — restored. Happier. More energetic. It was weird — but so, so welcome.

—Lydia M.

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