Amanda’s Will to Change

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~Anthony Robbins

Amanda, on Race Day at AVAC®

     Three years ago, Amanda Satulovsky, an overweight, inactive mom of two young children found herself in a difficult situation; she woke one morning with a nagging pain in her lower back. As we often do, Amanda popped a few Advil and proceeded with her day thinking it was just another pain associated with obesity and aging. Her pain continually progressed, and by the third day, she had lost all sensation in her leg. In sheer panic, she was able to crawl across her bedroom floor seeking help. Her doctors explained that due years of excessive weight (Amanda was clinically obese) her spine had become compromised causing spinal damage, and had caused a slice in one of her nerves. Surgery was the only option to repair the damaged nerve, and with that came a very high risk that Amanda would never be able to walk unassisted again.

Of course, this news was devastating to a mother of young children. Amanda recalls thinking that her children could very well end up in the same boat as their mother; Inactive, overweight, and physically limited. She was angry – this was not what she had planned for her life! Oddly enough, the moment she decided to fight this prognosis was the moment right before surgery as she began falling under anesthesia… A few curse words later, and she was out.

After the surgery, Amanda started physical therapy sessions as directed by her doctor. The amazing thing was not only did she attend the PT, she also began making drastic changes to her life – both on a physical level and a mental level. She decided that she would not let the excess weight, back pain, and personal life struggles dictate who she was. And, she would certainly not let her children perpetuate similar struggles. She started to work harder and harder by exercising, riding her bike, and paying close attention to her diet, and over time Amanda was able to shed the excess weight. A year ago, she began using BeachBody workout and nutrition programs, which have continued to remove excess weight while replacing it with increased endurance, muscle tone and strength. With a supportive community, and clear commitment to be the best version of herself, she has become stronger mentally and physically. Ultimately Amanda became a role model for her children and showed them how to love themselves by taking care of themselves.

Which brings us to the AVAC® Supersprint Triathlon
Several weeks back Amanda was searching the Web for an entry level triathlon race and came across an ad for the AVAC Supersprint. She liked the idea of it being an abbreviated event, with a 400 yard swim, 5 mile bike, and 2 mile run. It didn’t seem as daunting as some of the other events she had come across, so she signed up for the challenge. Her primary goal: Complete the event. Well, Amanda completed it and she did a GREAT job! It wasn’t about the race time, but rather about the journey. She proved to herself, and children, that any goal is attainable through hard work, dedication and a supportive community.

Thank you Amanda for being an inspiration to so many individuals who feel like they will never be able to rehabilitate after an injury, to those who feel like losing the weight is impossible, and to those who treasure the journey.

– Stephanie Doty | Team AVAC®

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  1. Awesome job Amanda! I am very honored and proud to call you my friend! You are a true inspiration, to all who come in contact with you!

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